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APR Fog Light Brake Cooling Ducts

APR Fog Light Brake Cooling Ducts

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SKU: CF-801550

These have been aerodynamically-optimized to funnel in massive amounts of air that creates a venturi effect to bring in more cooling efficiency to your front brakes. When matched with appropriate high-temperature air duct hoses (not included in some applications) the ARP Brake Cooling Ducts will help to channel in large volumes of fresh air to help cool down red-hot brake rotors lap after lap on the track.

  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Formed in the autoclave at high-temperatures using pre-pregnated carbon fiber manufacturing processes for high strength and low weight
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Each air duct is finished with UV-resistant clear-coat paint for resistance against various environmental conditions
  • Can also be used to bring additional cooling to other areas other than the brakes
  • Sold as a pair
  • Hardware included

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