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AP Racing Competition Brake System (Endurance)

Sale price$2,599.00
SKU: 13.01.10006

The Toyobaru collaboration was one of the most anticipated enthusiast cars of the past decade. Teasers and tidbits trickled in for years, hinting at the potential of what was to come. The final product seems to have actually delivered on the hype, and a diverse range of sportscar fans are now flocking to these cars. Most enthusiasts view these cars as a fantastic platform to develop for track days and racing.

These cars were designed from the ground up as a pure sports car. Light weight, front engine, and rear drive all combine to offer a great driving experience on the street. On track with sticky tires, they're laying down lap times on par with what are supposed to be much faster cars. These cars were also designed with the aftermarket in mind. Many features of the car are rather basic to keep costs down, and the brakes are one of those areas. They're heavy, not particularly attractive, and leave a lot of performance on the table when track temperatures soar.

Not all brake systems are created equal. In fact, most “big brake kits” aren’t really suited towards heavy track use either. While they [usually] increase thermal capacity and may solve small fading issues, they generally aren’t optimized for hardcore track use. We set out to design a couple of brake packages that can take anything thrown at them...and then some
AP Racing Competition Brake System (Endurance)
AP Racing Competition Brake System (Endurance) Sale price$2,599.00