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AMS Front Mount Intercooler

Sale price$969.95
SKU: AMSAMS.21.09.0001-1

This particular intercooler has been designed with a 64% more core volume when compared to the restrictive stock counterpart. This allows for a much great er area surface coverage to quickly lower the intake temperature charge for more power and better response.

AMS utilized Solidworks 3D Software to help blueprint the inlets and outlets with geometry improvements in the design to optimize flow. The inlet side of the core has been designed using CFD software with directional vanes to ensure even airflow and pressure spread across the height of the core. The end tanks were 3D printed to ensure a level of OEM fitment before casting the article. The fin and tube style core is over 16" tall and more than 24" wide and is 2.25" thick which makes it 67% thicker than the factory counterpart. It still retains the factory crash beam while using all the factory mounting points and there will be no cutting or trimming for fitment.

This intercooler will come provided with premium silicone hoses and new clamps to make it ready for the installation.

AMS Front Mount Intercooler
AMS Front Mount Intercooler Sale price$969.95