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Valenti Euro Winker Tap/Turn 3 Blink Relay

Valenti Euro Winker Tap/Turn 3 Blink Relay

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SKU: ER-01
On many modern European cars they have a feature that when you 'tap' the indicator stork it will make the indicators blink 3 times. This is useful for quick lane changes and highway driving. It's a simple little feature that once you are used to you won't be able to remember how you drove without it! Of course, the indicators will also function as normal when you push the indicator stalk all the way, it will only blink 3 times you you half press it. Don't forget you need LED turn signal bulbs for this to work correctly. See the bottom of the page for related products to snag bulbs if you do not already have them. Only 1 required per vehicle.

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