RokBlokz Short Rally Mud Flaps

These are extremely durable and flexible and are ideal for both lowered vehicles. Whether if you are driving on the street or on harsh terrain, the RokBlokz Rally Mud Flaps will hold their shape at speed, and under extreme temperatures to protect the paint on your vehicle, and others around you.


  • SHORT Versions are 1.5" shorter for greater clearance and less scraping on lowered vehicles
  • Large design provides your vehicle with excellent protection from harsh road debris and gravel
  • Light weight and durable, designed to survive the harshest environments from the extreme heat to the extreme cold
  • Won’t crack or warp from extreme temperatures
  • Flexible but with a semi-rigid characteristic that allows them to retain their shape at speed and effectively block tire spray
  • Mounts using existing OEM mounting locations with no drilling required
  • Mounting slots in flaps allow for some adjustability
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions included

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