Raceseng Revo 7 Pulley Kit

This is a set of 7 lightweight performance pullies designed to allow your engine to rev fast and be more responsive be removing the rotational mass found in the OEM pullies.


  • Non-grooved pulleys are machined from 12L14 steel to prevent engine belt wear
  • Grooved pulleys are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for superior strength
  • Steel pulleys are electroless nickel plated to prevent corrosion
  • Aluminum pulleys are anodized with a proprietary process to produce a rich color with corrosion protection
  • Includes crank pulley
  • Includes water pump pulley
  • Includes alternator pulley
  • Includes idlers
  • Includes tensioners
  • Tensioner and idler pulleys feature high quality, Japanese made NSK bearings 
  • Reduces the pulley system weight by 4 lbs resulting in less rotational mass and parasitic drag
  • Unique signature feature
  • Floating face design
  • Engineered using advanced computer software
  • Tested trough extensive FEA simulations to determine where weight could be removed without sacrificing structural integrity
  • Street and track tested


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