Perrin Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit

This kit includes the rails, as well as the lines and fittings to deliver large amounts of fuel equally to each cylinder. Thos of you with moderate bolt-ons or those aiming to make big horsepower that require larger injectors will notice the car runs smoother and is more powerful and tuners can safely push the engine to higher limits. 


  • PERRIN High-Flow Fuel Rails incorporate large inside diameter channels for maximum fuel flow
  • Supports enough flow up to 800 WHP without inconsistent fuel flow to each cylinder
  • -6 Barbed fittings with O-rings are included to ensure a proper connection to the hose and are removable allowing for easy customization of aftermarket fuel lines
  • A must-have for any car looking to exceed 400 horsepower
  • Designed to split incoming fuel for equal fuel distribution, pressure, and a more consistent air-fuel ratio between all cylinders
  • Fuel rails and distribution block are precision CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum materials
  • All parts are marked with Feed and Return for an easier installation
  • All PERRIN High-Flow Fuel Rails come with built-in phenolic spacers which are fitted to the fuel rails and the junction blocks sit between these and the engine, insulating it from heat
  • PERRIN Fuel Rails feature large 3/8" inside diameter fuel injection hose which provides a higher flow rate than competitive systems
  • Includes PERRIN Flexguard Cover which is a high-abrasion strength and heat resistant woven ballistic nylon that helps protect your hose from wearing during vehicle operation
  • PERRIN High-Flow Fuel Rails include stainless steel lined Oetiker clamps which have a secure fit since there are no gaps in the band which creates a better seal
  • PERRIN Fuel Rails are anodized black for corrosion protection 

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