PERRIN Performance Intercooler Silver

This intercooler features a larger core design to increase the cooling capacity to the turbocharger for improved power and performance. 

  • 221 square inches of surface area fully fills the large opening in the stock bumper
  • Rated at over 600 WHP
  • Adds 15-20ft-lbs of TQ and 15-20 WHP
  • Reduces intake charge temps by 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maintains a pressure drop of less than 1 psi
  • Optimum core design with 3/8" bar and plate that has a 3/8" charge air and ambient air path
  • Features deep gasket grooves to accommodate the large OEM o-rings which are more durable than simple off the shelf O-rings
  • Maintains smooth equal flow across the entire core without the need for internal baffles or dividers
  • Pressure tested to 50 psi
  • Bright silver powder-coated finish
  • Black PERRIN stencil
  • Improves power and performance

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