Mishimoto Silver Top Mount Intercooler w/ Red Hose

This intercooler will come provided with a silicone hose and features a larger core volume to increase the overall cooling capacity to lower the intake charge temperatures in your vehicle. The result is improved performance while reducing the chances of heat soak. 


  • Silver intercooler core option
  • Black silicone hose option
  • Heavy-duty bar and plate core with cast end tanks to sustain high boost
  • Core design optimized for optimal flow while providing excellent heat transfer 
  • +6 WHP and +8 WTQ increases
  • 12°F temperature decrease with a minimal pressure drop
  • 80% larger core volume over stock
  • 37.9% greater internal flow area 
  • Fits with stock hood scoop shroud
  • Includes turbo-to-intercooler O-ring that functions like stock

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