Mishimoto Front Mount Intercooler w/ Intake Black

This intercooler kit will also come provided with Mishimoto's Cold Air Intake. The result is cooler intake charge temperatures for the turbocharger, all while allowing the turbocharger to breathe easier with the cold air intake system. This will create more power and torque, with reduced turbo lag. 


  • Black intercooler core option
  • Polished aluminum intercooler pipes
  • Includes cold air intake
  • Intercooler design optimized for maximum flow and smooth cast end tanks that allow the best possible airflow in and out of the intercooler
  • Optimal core design for maximum cooling efficiency with a minimal pressure drop
  • Flow rated to handle 600 WHP and 30+ psi of boost
  • Also fits right-hand drive models
  • Works with the stock bypass, or aftermarket blow-off valves
  • Includes all necessary hardware, brackets, and accessories

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