Grimmspeed FXT Thermal Dispersant Black TMIC

So, you probably already know that you want an intercooler with maximum cooling and minimum restriction, but when it comes to selecting the right u2018man for the jobu2019, we think itu2019s important to understand why. As air is pressurized by your turbo, it heats up, not because of the heat of the turbocharger, but because when theyu2019re compressed, the atoms in the air are forced closer together and as a result, move faster and have more energy. That energy manifests itself as heat. The more heat we can remove from the system, the denser the air becomes and thatu2019s what helps eliminate pre-detonation, or u2018knocku2019, allowing for increased output from your system. Your OEM TMIC does just fine at stock boost under normal use, but as soon as you start putting some real heat into it with higher boost or harder use, it heat-soaks beyond recovery. *Quick Specs* * Smooth End Tank Internal Contours - Designed for maximum flow * Machined Throttle Body Connection - Tight, leak and trouble-free seal * Machined Flange Faces and Internal Bores - Maximum pressure-tightness and unrestricted flow * Permanent Mold End Tank Tooling and Casting - Allows much tighter tolerances and higher strength * Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts - Prevent cross-threading or damaged threads * High-Density, High-Flow Core - Optimizes heat transfer and minimizes flow restriction for turbo Subarus * Cleaned, Inspected and Sealed Prior to Shipping - Prevent Motor Damage Due To Foreign Matter

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