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GrimmSpeed Cat Back Exhaust System Resonated

GrimmSpeed Cat Back Exhaust System Resonated

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SKU: GRM070033

The reason why aftermarket exhaust systems are among one of the most popular first modifications is because they deliver both sound and power. But not just any aftermarket exhaust system will do, you would have to choose the right exhaust system that is a result of countless hours of research and development behind their product.

That is why RallySport Direct proudly presents the Grimmspeed Resonated Catback Exhaust System. Grimmspeed invests tireless efforts in creating quality aftermarket components designed to deliver performance and made from minds of enthusiasts and engineers alike. This is the Grimmspeed Resonated Cat-Back Exhaust System built to deliver performance, looks, and sound.

This exhaust system has been fabricated from 304 stainless steel and has been built with a 3" piping diameter to allow the turbocharger to spool faster while making more horsepower and more torque. Exhaust gasses exit a pair of premium mufflers with dual tips on each side that provide that quintessential flagship boxer rumble which makes beautiful noise either at idle or under full throttle.

Included with this exhaust system will be a premium set of exhaust hangers to replace the factory rubber units, along with gaskets and hardware to make this cat-back exhaust system ready for installation.

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