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Full Blown

Full Blown Cast Aluminum Oil Pan

Full Blown Cast Aluminum Oil Pan

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The days of drilling and tapping the Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, and FT86 oem pans are soon to be over. We have sold many pre-tapped pans up to date. Being that this platform is so new, the dealers have a limited supply on hand and we find ourselves occasionally waiting for stock
Also, it didn't make sense to design and produce a FRS/BRZ oil pan just for the oil return port. There for, we decided to engineer our oil pan with additional features to make it worth doing.

50% more oil capacity vs OEM
* Aluminum casting to ensure high quality consistency
* Heat Sink Fins on the bottom to help remove heat
* 1/2" Return Port for oil return from Turbo/SC
* Bolt in baffle to reduce starvation on hard turns and acceleration

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