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FactionFab Swept Slot Bi-Directional Rotor Pair Rear

FactionFab Swept Slot Bi-Directional Rotor Pair Rear

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These rotors are ideal for street and spirited driving and will improve your overall braking response, brake cooling and thermal stability, pad cleanliness, and overall increased braking performance in any situation.

  • Rear location
  • Shallow Sharp-edged groves are milled into a high carbon cast iron disc to provide consistent pad contact and maximum friction over repetitive use
  • High-carbon content for wear resistance, thermal stability, and cracking resistance
  • Bi-directional design, meaning rotors are not side specific
  • Symmetric vane castings to increase heat dissipation efficiency and thermal stability
  • Double-disc ground, non-directional finish
  • Mill balanced for reduced vibration
  • Precision machined with run-out spec of no more then .002", Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) of .0005"
  • Fully machined non-friction surfaces for perfect fitment
  • Sold as a pair
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