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ETS Catback Exhaust System Resonated w/ Blue Tips

ETS Catback Exhaust System Resonated w/ Blue Tips

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SKU: 200-30-EXH-014

A quality cat-back exhaust system is one of the more popular performance enhancing modifications you can do to your vehicle because it adds more horsepower, more torque while improving both the looks and the sound. ETS checks all the boxes with their Stainless Steel Resonated Cat-Back Exhaust System that features Blue Tips. ETS designed this exhaust system to create more power which is achieved through smooth mandrel bends and increased piping diameter. When compared to the factory exhaust system, this removes any turbulence and back pressure which helps reduce spool, improve throttle response, and it generates quite the aggressive tone under acceleration.

This exhaust system is held together using quality V-band construction allows installation to be simple, and exhaust hangers have been welded onto the OEM locations so that you don't have to perform further modifications to the body or chassis when installing.

A set of 3 V-band clamps are included, as well as hardware and a gasket to make this exhaust system ready for installation.

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