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Blouch Dominator 3.5XT-R 10cm2 Turbo

Sale price$2,064.15 Regular price$2,085.00

So what's the big deal? The new Blouch XT-R billet compressor wheels are simply amazing and outperform traditional compressor wheel aero by producing more horsepower and torque at lower boost pressures. Born and bred in racing development, the Garrett GT turbine and ball bearing system are the mainstay of turbocharger performance. And the new Blouch 10cm2 turbine housing reduces turbine inlet pressure and engine pumping losses to free up additional torque and horsepower. (These turbine housings work so well that customers have bolted them onto their competitor's turbos and significantly increased torque and horsepower). The big deal is a stock location bolt-on upgrade Subaru turbocharger using state-of-the-art technology that supports 580 horsepower efficiently with fitment that is unparalleled in the industry. Only with Blouch Performance Turbo!