cp-e Core Lightweight Front Mount Intercooler

The cp-e™ Core Lightweight Front Mount Intercooler Kit has been designed for the owner who needs an efficient intercooler to accommodate the modifications that may otherwise out do the stock intercooler.This intercooler comes in a 28” X 8.25” X 3.5”, and will fit the factory bumper without major modifications. 

Cp-e™ end tanks are welded, and pressure tested, and hours of engineering and computer flow diagrams have been implemented into the tanks design to eliminate turbulence within them. Larger intercooler cores typically come with larger end-tanks that can cause potential lag, however cp-e™ end tanks are smaller, which will minimalize turbulence in order to keep the drivability of the car high, while still enlarging the intercooler drastically. 

Included with the cp-e™ Front Mount Intercooler Kit are hardware, clamps, and brackets to make for a ready installation.

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