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Blitz Turbo Kit

Blitz Turbo Kit

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This is the Blitz Turbo Kit that has been designed specifically for your application to add a means of forced induction to your engine. The result is more horsepower and more torque which will ultimately transform your vehicle into a whole different animal. Additionally, if you perform other supporting modifications such as fuel and injector upgrades, along with built internals and a proper tune, this turbo kit is capable of making up to a 50% increase in horsepower.


  • Includes all the major components to add forced induction to your engine
  • Increases both horsepower and torque
  • All components designed to work with the contours of your engine and chassis
  • Capable of producing up to a 50% in horsepower with upgrades in fuel, engine internals, and a tune (not included)

  • B06-380R turbocharger
  • Built-in wastegate
  • Blitz SUS Power Air Intake
  • Application-specific front mount intercooler kit with piping
  • Application-specific exhaust manifold
  • Stainless steel downpipe
  • Turbo heat shield
  • All necessary hardware for the installation

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