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Blitz Damper ZZ-R Spec DSC Coilover

Blitz Damper ZZ-R Spec DSC Coilover

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SKU: 93334
Full length adjustable, single cylinder type, up to 96 stages damping force adjusting adopted type of vehicle only damper kit by the electronic control. Reasonable while adopting a number of such as aluminum parts, lightweight and high strength.

You can freely change the damping force from car controller (96/64/32 out from selectable). Use the stepping motor, achieve a comfortable ride and a finer set-up of up to 96 stages.

Two control method for a four-wheel independent control in addition to the right and left simultaneously controllable selection. In addition, you can store the settings to five modes according to preference.

Compact and adopt a stylish controller that does not choose the mounting location.

By inputting the vehicle speed signal, equipped with "highway mode" to switch the damping force. In accordance with the high-speed driving, to switch the damping force mode at a vehicle speed that is set. Touch-BRAIN (sold separately: code No.15158) in cooperation with, the signal at the input is also easily possible.

To celebrate the release, we will implement the "SpecDSC version-up campaign" currently "DAMPER ZZ-R" to the use of customers. Along with the overhaul, you can upgrade to SpecDSC.

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