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AMS Performance

AMS Turbo Charge Pipe

AMS Turbo Charge Pipe

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SKU: amsAMS.21.09.0003-1

This charge pipe is a one-piece design that is 85% larger inlet and an almost 10% larger outlet that removes the bottleneck in the charge air system. The result is improved turbo response for better performance.

  • Complete bolt-on installation
  • No cutting or trimming
  • Uses factory mounting location
  • Outlet connects to both the factory silicone, as well as the AMS intercooler
  • AMS Charge Pipe Inlet is 20mm larger than the stock (85% larger)
  • Stock charge pipe inlet is 37mm in diameter, AMS charge pipe is 57mm
  • Stock charge pipe outlet is 53mm, AMS charge pipe is 57mm
  • One piece tube with large radius bends to allow for better airflow
  • AMS charge pipe is almost a half pound lighter than the stock charge pipe
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