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Verus Engineering

Verus Engineering Adjustable Front Splitter

Verus Engineering Adjustable Front Splitter

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SKU: A0036A

This is a great way to improve the aerodynamics by producing front-end downforce without increasing drag. This is possible by creating a large pressure delta between top and bottom surfaces. This front splitter is adjustable with the ability to extend forward from the front of the bumper between 2 and 5 inches to suit your specific needs around other aerodynamic components.

  • Constructed from carbon thermoplastic which offers strength, low weight, durability, and a great appearance
  • Same material used in various forms of racing including Indy Car, NASCAR, and F1
  • Adjustable design as the entire splitter can translate longitudinally from 2 to 5 inches forward of the front bumper
  • With one splitter you can effectively hit the balance desired for various setups
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